Unlockable Video: Flash Loans with ileverage.finance

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So, are you ready to get down and dirty with flash loans? ✨✨✨ This video will help you understand more about how they work and the role they can play in innovating finance. No coding experience necessary!

In this intense 31 minute video, we look at how ileverage.finance combined flash loans, MakerDAO Vaults and the 1inch DEX Aggregator to create short DAI positions with up to 4x leverage.

By the time you finish watching this video, you will have a great understanding how a flash loan transaction actually works on Ethereum!

When you unlock the video, you’ll also unlock a 15-page PDF containing diagrams showing the anatomy of the flash loan transactions that ileverage.finance uses, and an exclusive link to ask me followup questions about the video.

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You can download the PDF containing the diagrams here.

If you want to see the actual transactions on Etherscan, here’s the open position and here’s the close position.

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Unlockable Video: CHAI

Did you just finish watching my YouTube video about MakerDAO’s DAI Savings Rate?

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By the end of this 8.5 minute video, you will know how to use CHAI and why you should consider using it instead of simply depositing into the DSR. Oh, and you can pay for the video with DAI!

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You can trade DAI for CHAI at https://chai.money.

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