Unlockable Video: CHAI

Did you just finish watching my YouTube video about MakerDAO’s DAI Savings Rate?

Are you ready to dig in and learn about how you can use CHAI to get the DSR and still have a transferable token that you can send around?

By the end of this 8.5 minute video, you will know how to use CHAI and why you should consider using it instead of simply depositing into the DSR. Oh, and you can pay for the video with DAI!

Only 2 DAI will unlock this video for 7 days.

And as part of this launch effort, for the first 500 keys purchased, Unlock Protocol will be supporting my YouTube channel with 1 additional DAI per key! Special thanks to Julien and the Unlock team.

Your purchase today will help support the creation of future DeFi videos. Thank you in advance!

(If you’re seeing this button but you’ve already bought a key, please be sure you’re in the same wallet that you purchased with and click the button to reconnect.)

Awesome! You have unlocked my CHAI video!

You can trade DAI for CHAI at https://chai.money.

If you have any questions, please find me on Twitter.